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A new adult romance about finding your way through that crazy thing that is Love without totally losing your mind.


At sixteen, Aryana’s already survived five years longer than the average half-blood, securing her right to live by working as an accomplished assassin—a Blade. Owned by a handsome young alpha Blade, named Marec, Aryana kills the tribal leaders’ enemies, avoids the bloodthirsty crawlers, and excels at not attracting attention to herself. In her world, attention for a half-blood ends in death.

Then a job goes horribly wrong and Aryana comes face-to-face with a Golden Being, Colm, one of the creatures who trapped the humans on Manhattan Island a century ago. He awakens a magic within her that she’s kept hidden for years, and tells her she’s the future of mankind; the new Eve, holding life and death in her hands. As Aryana’s delicately balanced life begins to unravel, Colm won’t leave her alone. He can’t seem to understand that Aryana only wants to hide her magic, find a way to show Marec how she feels, and earn a place with the humans where she can truly belong.

But as her power grows, she realizes she's putting too many people in danger and she needs to make a choice. While the city gears up for Winter Solstice—a night filled with danger and death—Aryana will have to pick a side: Marec, the boy who saved her life, and the only one who makes her feel human, or Colm, her strange new guardian who pushes her toward independence, and the only link to her true destiny as a Golden Born.

When myth becomes truth & love lasts for centuries...



Love is something only humans seem to be fool enough to toy with, but when two immortals cross paths and the memories of passion they've long left behind sparks fresh at the worst possible moment, it becomes clear that several centuries of manipulation have kept them from the one thing that might save their souls... Each other.

© Copyright Rachel A. Marks 2018,

No faeries were harmed in the making

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