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She was only three when her mother was murdered while working a spell. And now, nine years later, a will-full Ava has stopped fighting the call of the magic growing in her blood. What will that mean for Aidan and his need to keep her safe at any and all cost? And what will it mean for those now trying to aid them?

Design and photo collections created by a wonderful fan!


At barely nine-years-old Aidan watched in horror as his mother was killed by a demon she had called up with her own will. Since then he's been asking himself why. Why would she put them in danger? Why would she have sacrificed herself to the Darkness? As Aidan tries to protect his sister from the demons that arrive every three years to claim her as well, he still can't seem to find the truth. And as he gets closer to the answers, the more terrifying his world becomes.


Cast off by her father and abused by the world, sixteen-year-old Kara isn't expecting much from life. She does what she has to do to survive and keeps her head down as much as possible. But when a mysterious boy named, Aidan, shows up on the doorstep she realizes that hidding might not be a possibility anymore. And that wall she's built up over the years to protect herself is about to croumble.

The Boys


Jax & Lester



Design and photo collections created by a wonderful fan!


The Cave

An LA girl through-and-through, Emery isn't sure what to think when she wakes up and sees a ratty street urchin sleepingon her bedroom floor. When he confesses that he saved her from a group of guys and then brought her home, she wants to know more about him. Since the death of her brother she's felt lost and alone, not sure who to trust. Could this amazing connection with Aidan be real? Or is she just letting her imagination and her broken heart run away with her good sense?

The City of Angels

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