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The Bestselling Series on Amazon

That night his little sister, Ava, was claimed for darkness. That night Aidan was forced to become a man at the age of nine. Every three years since then he’s tried desperately to protect Ava from the demons coming to claim her as payment for their mother's debt. In spite of the fact that he’s always been able to see ghosts or demons, smell emotions and speak dead languages, he now realizes, none of that's helping him save Ava from the shadow growing in her heart. 


In desperation Aidan seeks out the magician, Sid, who helps teens like him to stay hidden in plain sight. With the odd group of kids Sid's collected Aidan finds what he believes is a safe place for his sister. There he connects with Kara, a cursed girl who may be the key to unlocking his true power, and Rebecca, a Light. He hopes that if he follows this path he can save Ava from the demons once and for all. Unfortunately, in linking with Kara he’ll likely begin a chain of events that could cost him his own will, change the fate of every demon on earth, and lead him to the one person he's always dreaded meeting: his father.

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